More Allegro Friends and Family...

Cyrano and Roxanne

"Roxanne" and "Cyrano" live with Steve and Rose in Pasadena, California.

Yep, she really can pick it up

"Tui" lives in Juneau, Alaska with Denise and Bob

Oh Canada!

"Otis" lives with Chris in Langley, B.C. Oh Canada!

and you didn't think Bull Terriers were talented...

Tui dogs love to dance

Bob Villa

"Sully" It's great to have help on the bigger jobs!

What the?... "Bucky" (Allegro Goldeneye) and his son "Cody" (Allegro Code Red)

What alien?

"Rosco" is from another world

My, how they grow...

"Sadie" (pictured here at 3 weeks and 8 weeks old) lives with Richard and Sue in Thousand Oaks, California

ahhh, the nose

"Max" is "The Center of the Universe" to Bill and Kay Luciano

Trophy Dog! (oh, that was bad)

Guinness "Where'd the cat go?" lives with Devyn in California

What a cute guy

A puppy picture of "Bosco" who lives in Huntington Beach, California

Tony Hawk

Watch out Tony Hawk! (Pepper)


"Bosco" (who was 10 months old in this picture) won BOS at his first puppy match! If you want to see him in agility, click here

whatta you lookin' at eh?

"Yes...we are puuurrfect"
(Roaster and Doddie)

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